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Katriel Perrin by Toxic-Innocence Katriel Perrin by Toxic-Innocence
*please ignore the age on the app, I forgot to update the picture with the correct number & she is a bishop, not a lord
** remains a WIP


Name Katriel Perrin
Nickname Kat
Gender female
Age 285 (1728 - 1745, "death" at age 17,)
Orientation bisexual
Virginity taken by Verity Novak, now named Verity Perrin
Currently single, looking for flings

Species vampire
Rank bishop


Key Features rumpled, silver-blonde hair tied back in a braid; slight bump on the bridge of her nose; simple outfit; freckles
Hair Colour silver-blonde, naturally dark brown
Eye Colour chocolate brown
Height 5' 4"
Weight about 100
Voice close to Jessica Chastain's
Notable Mannerisms scratching at palms,


[ stubborn ] l [ insecure ] l [ pensive ] l [ soft-spoken ] l [ obsessive ] l [ compulsive ] | [ aggressive ] | [ flirtatious ] | [ jocular ]

[ stubborn ]: Kat has her ideas, her values, and becomes quite hard-headed when they are challenged. Things that she considers "wrong" aren't like to get past her without a ripe argument, and even so she'll fume about them. If she thinks someone is being unjust, no matter their relation to her, she'll point it out. Once, when Kat had already picked up a muffin, her sister Alayne claimed that it was hers, as Kat had already eaten her fair share. When Alayne gained the support of their parents, and Kat told to hand it over, the girl refused. The early bird catches the worm, she thought. Instead of peacefully retreating, Katriel crumbled the muffin in her fist, dropped it on the floor, and with a wicked glare, stalked off to her room.

[ insecure ]: insecurities have plagued Katriel for decades, things mostly relating to social interaction. She fears that everyone secretly hates her, and can be slightly physical in her quest for reassurance. Kisses on the cheek, holding hands, and hugs are all ways that she expands her trust. If ignored by someone, she will refrain from talking to them for a short period, until she is able to regain her footing. She often says things such as 'don't take me for a . . . .' as a safeguard against negative judgement. A long life has allowed the girl to knock off a sizable chunk of her worries, though she still shows signs of her disquiet.

[ pensive ]: quite a thoughtful girl, Kat often focuses on the negatives of the world, mulling them over until she feels some strange obligation to suffer for them. Stories and images can reduce her to tears. This trait is quite strongly influenced by her great empathy for others, and can give her quite a dull outlook on life.

[ soft-spoken ]: a raised voice from her is certainly a startling thing, especially if you don't know the blonde well. She speaks with quite a gentle voice, one that frequently cracks from disuse. She talks in murmurs and near-whispers, with her natural tone sounding quite bored.

[ flirtatious ]: ~

[ obsessive ]: ~

[ compulsive ]: ~

[ aggressive ]: when angry, Katriel transforms into another person. She is loud, physical, and cruel. Although her small size usually limits the amount of damage she can do, Kat will be sure to get in a few good kicks or punches before growing faint, or at least try to.

Cardinal Trait jocular
Likes the color yellow, reading, watching movies & tv, sweets
Dislikes being the center of attention, judgement, liars


Katriel can recall little of her past, before the turning. She grew up with two older sisters and a younger brother, who she was most fond of. She called him Cas, a finer name than the oh-so-formal Cassius he had been born with. Then there was Alayne, who truly was the sweetest creature in the family. She had a pretty look about her, too, the vision of her French grandmother, Father used to say. The wildest one was Fifer. They ought to have known a girl with that name would be as raging as her strawberry locks, but the woman simply liked the name. Her childhood cat had been named Fifer.

Kat remembers little of them. Names and faces clear as the dawn, but not much more. Mostly small events. Picking blueberries with Alayne, her oldest sister braiding her hair into ornate twists. Fifer was the one she had made mud pies with, and she had taught her to climb trees. Cas was her favorite companion, the one who called her Kitty. With her tall brother, she slipped into the folds of the forest to examine animal tracks and pick flowers in the meadows. Together they practiced fistfighting and crawled around looking for four leaf clovers. Cas had a sharper eye for them, though he always dried them and left the small leaves on his sister's pillow. They were, quite simply, the best of friends.

It is Verity Novak who holds much of her memory, now. The pretty little girl, the one with dark doe's eyes. So tired, so sad, so scared. She had locked herself away, hidden herself beneath those golden locks and that pale skin. She was withering, but even a faded flower holds beauty. Ethereal. Katriel was drawn to her beauty, to her strange understanding of life and the terrors it held. She was so wise, for a girl of fifteen. Most days, after school, the girls would hide themselves away in the Perrin barn, or tuck away into the forest. Though they agreed, the meadow was the best hiding place. Among the wildflowers, a love festered, and there Katriel gave her first kiss. The two grew inseparable, the taboo of their relationship only deepening their passion. They were young loves, barely able to keep their eyes off each other. First Cas noticed. He joked with her, having admired Verity's beauty himself. Though his words were light and chiding, the warm look in his eyes banished Katriel's fears. He would not tell. Fifer picked up on the tension next, and taught her how to kiss a girl. When Alayne learned, it was through Fifer, and she carefully excused herself whenever Verity showed herself. Whore, the raven-haired girls eyes screamed, though after a raging fight with Cas, she grew timid and scarcely spoke to Katriel.

It was a chill day, and Verity had come down with a cold. Katriel walked home with her brother, and the two departed in their yard. Cas stamped his feet and went inside, while Katriel crunched through the thin snow to the forest. It was most beautiful on days like this. The forest was near silent, the crunch of snow filling the empty space.


Matthias Cael Perrin
tall, lean man with high cheekbones and a short beard
Dark, glossy black hair and narrow brown eyes; beard turning grey
Wrinkled brown skin and a light scar across his nose
(1700 – 1749)

Samuel Estrom Linden – father by law as of 1750
Slim, short man with a long face and nose, thin lips
Dark brown hair, turning grey, with deep blue eyes
Papery white skin with distinguished crow’s feet
(1690 - 1761)

Lura Genevra Perrin (née Mattherne) → remarried 1750, becoming Lura Linden
Petite, small-boned woman with crooked teeth and full lips
Tangled honey blonde hair and wide-set green eyes
Pale skin with freckles – her face often flushes red
(1715 – 1767)

Ellery Michel Perrin
Short, lean man with a sharp jawline
Wispy cinnamon hair and round brown eyes; thin beginnings of a moustache
Tanned skin; missing his right ring finger
(1703 – 1720)

Joseph Allard Perrin
Tall, wiry man with
Curly cinnamon brown hair, narrow light blue eyes
Lightly tanned skin
(1697 -


Claude Joseph Perrin
Tall, gaunt-looking man with a sharp jaw and high cheekbones
Thin black hair, turning patchy and grey, and a stately moustache; dark brown eyes
Pale skin, dark bags under his eyes
( - )

Giles Obadiah Mattherne
Short, brawny man with a round face and stormy blue eyes – yellow rings in the center
A patch of strawberry blonde hair on the back of his head; bright red stubble covering his face
Brown skin and a reddened face
( - )


Florenze Calais Perrin (née Kirouac)
Short, round-bodied woman, with large blue eyes and long eyelashes
Tumbling curls of dark brown
Tanned skin, beauty mark above lip
( - )

Allis Philippa Mattherne (née Roone)
Tall, graceful woman with a heart-shaped face
Blonde, straw-like hair and pale green eyes; full eyebrows and pouty lips
Pale skin and a smattering of dark brown freckles
( - )

Alayne Ariella Norbury (née Perrin)
Short, curvaceous girl with a gap between her front teeth, and bright brown eyes
Waves of long black hair
Bronze skin
( - )

Fifer Almeda Gatlin (née Perrin)
Tall girl with a long nose, freckles, and full lips, sharp jaw and high cheekbones, pale green eyes and crooked teeth
Tangled orange curls
Pale skin, littered with freckles
( - )

Verity Perrin (nèe Novak) - by law
Average height, exceedingly thin girl with a bump on her nose, dark blue eyes, shadows under her eyes
Long strawberry blonde hair
Skin as pale as milk, with a smattering of freckles


Cassius Perrin
Tall and slender, with a sharp jawline and stormy blue eyes; angular eyebrows
Dark brown hair worn in a messy fashion
Light skin, dappled with freckles and a brown birthmark on his elbow
( 1730- )

Rupert Norbury - by law
Tall and thin, with a long face and dark brown eyes; oft wears a serious expression
Deep coppery-brown hair, combed back sleekly
Pale skin and bronze freckles, turns bright red when upset or embarrassed

Gale Gatlin - by law


Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

Feel The Tide by Mumford & Sons

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Your Song (cover) by Ellie Goulding

Seven Devils by Florence and The Machine


Pallidprancer allowed a soft smile to fester on his maw, as he looked over the young Cricketpaw. She was no stunningly pretty she-cat, but most aren't, and a dip into murkier waters would not kill him, he decided. The eyes, though, she has lovely eyes . . . and that scrap of beauty, she hides away. With a quiet tsk, he crossed the clearing, his pale limbs moving with such grace that a tomcat rarely possessed. Quietly, he settled down before the apprentice, giving her a gentle touch with the tip of his tail, barely gracing her paws. "Why do you hide such a refreshingly pretty gaze, Cricketpaw? Always lowering your head . . . respectful, you must think, though we would all benefit from a bit of beauty, especially during these difficult cold moons." The pale-pelted tomcat let out a small laugh then, the sound a mixture of cold breezes and birdsong. Narrowing his gaze, he reached forward, and with a careful touch, lifted the brown-and-white-furred cat's head. His smile grew crooked, as Pallidprancer peered into her eyes. After a moment, his dainty white paw dropped back to the hard-packed ground, his smile fading slowly. "Yes, that's much better," he murmured, his gaze chilling again. "Would you like to go hunting, dear?" he said, his words soft and gentle, eyes flickering to her fidgeting paws before returning to her yellowed green gaze.

character (c) ~Toxic-Innocence
art (c) =Eesiree
text template stolen from *DoctorCritical
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